Empower Your Little Girl!


STEM and Leadership career crates

available as mini-subscriptions

or a la carte.


Introduce new careers, women role models, and key STEM & Leadership concepts through activities that align with the ways girls play. 


Smart, Fun and Empowering!

How We Work

Make it Fun for Girls

That simply means that we align with the ways girls tend to play naturally through activities that are creative, open-ended, social, and role-play.

We're not making STEM easy for girls — we're just introducing it in natural ways. 

Spotlight Real Women

Every field already has amazing women playing key roles in it. We just find them and share their stories.

These women are more than up to the task of inspiring the next generation and refuting the idea that STEM and Leadership aren't "for girls". 

Teach Key Concepts

Each crate introduces a key concept from its field and builds on it with activities that progress through the various levels of Bloom's taxonomy: Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Evaluating, and Creating — all to build a sense of familiarity and competency early on. 

The Crates

Crates are available individually or you can sign up for a mini-subscription and we will send a new crate each month for the duration you choose.

No automatic renewals. Nothing to cancel.

Each crate is designed with activities that challenge your favorite girl to:


  • The job
  • Its women role models
  • Its key concepts


  • Wear the gear
  • Use the tools
  • Personalize her own security badge, business card or nameplate


  • Draw, design or build something using the key concepts of the field
  • Engage both the left- and right-brain 
  • Illustrate the importance of creativity in STEM and Leadership


  • Solo activities let her explore and imagine further on her own
  • Group activities build social support for the idea of that career
  • Replaying the games fosters a feeling of progress and improvement, reinforcing a growth mindset 

What People Are Saying

My niece just called me. She was so excited about her crate! She couldn’t stop talking about it. As of today she wants to be an astronaut. Awesome and empowering product!!
— Lindsey, aunt to Sydney, age 7
I think the content is nicely thought out to be both educational and inspirational for girls with respect to career choices.
— Kellie, Victoria, Australia
Our daughter loved it!
— Dave, Kickstarter Backer, CT,
Received the first crate. My 9yo daughter loves it. Thanks.
— Dobb, Kickstarter backer, MI
Little Ms. Crate plants the idea of pursuing a STEM profession even in girls who may not have recognized their passion otherwise. As they open the crate — and open up a world of new possibilities — they will gain the confidence, experience and know-how to make those dreams come true in the future.
— Brit + Co
Packed with activities, games, stories, props, and profiles of world-changing women role models, the crates provide enough structure and inspiration for hours of educational, self-directed play — and encourage girls to believe that not even the sky’s the limit.
— Kickstarter's "Projects We Love" newsletter, Dec 17, 2015