New Dad Quits Job as Software VP to Launch Subscription Service That Introduces Young Girls to STEM and Leadership Careers, Role Models

Little Ms. Crate founder Reid Craig and his daughter at her first Red Sox game -- April 27, 2015.

Little Ms. Crate founder Reid Craig and his daughter at her first Red Sox game -- April 27, 2015.

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What is Little Ms. Crate?

A bi-monthly "crate" subscription service, like Birchbox, Loot Crate, or NatureBox. However, instead of containing a curated selection of 3rd party goods, the majority of Little Ms. Crate's contents are designed by Little Ms. Crate's panel of early childhood development experts and parents specifically to inspire and facilitate the type of creative, open-ended, and social play that is the most fun and educational for young girls.

Each new crate introduces a new profession, such as Little Ms. CEO, Little Ms. Physicist, Little Ms. Software Engineer, and Little Ms. Judge. 


Who is it for? 

Young girls, ages 5-10, but it is designed to be useful for even younger girls, with an adult's guidance. 


Why does the world need this?

We all know that women are dramatically underrepresented in STEM fields and leadership and management roles. Many of us know that girls begin losing interest in these subjects as early as elementary school. One of the main reasons that girls report losing interest in STEM subjects is a general feeling that these subjects are simply "not for them". Our society and educational system creates a prevailing sense that these fields just aren't "right" for women, or vice versa.


How does Little Ms. Crate help?

Little Ms. Crate aims to introduce these fascinating professions AND their inspiring women to our little girls early and often, to make it clear that these professions are, indeed, "for them".

Many little girls have fun today playing at mommy, nurse, or veterinarian. In doing so, they start to understand why those jobs are important, what skills it takes to be good at those jobs, what sorts of things they might enjoy about that job, and which subjects are important to study if they want to pursue that job. Through this "make believe" exploration, they develop the sense that they could do those jobs, if they chose.

Little Ms. Crate simply introduces other important professions, so our girls can learn, get comfortable, and "make believe" with them, too. "Make believe" makes belief!


How can people get involved?

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