The Little Ms. Crate Story

...begins with a 40 year-old VP at a software company who suddenly finds himself spending a lot of time wondering what life will be like when his wife gives birth to their first baby — expected in the next several months.

Will it be a boy? A girl?! Nerdy like Daddy? Athletic like Mommy? Theatrical like..neither of us? How do I introduce her or him to the breadth of everything the world has to offer, especially the things I don’t know much about or even dislike? If it’s a girl, how to I make sure she doesn’t listen when someone inevitably tells her she can’t do something because she’s a girl? Man, how amazing would it be if it was a girl? I mean as long as he or she is healthy, I’ll be happy either way...of course. But seriously, I hope it’s a girl. 

Eventually he finds himself assuming that it will be a girl (and even if it’s not, boys are easy, right?) and deciding that the best way to simultaneously introduce her to everything that the world has to offer AND preemptively arm her with evidence that there’s nothing girls can’t do is to create a recurring schedule whereby he and his wife will introduce her to a new career and some of its women role models every month or two.

This is going to be great! There will be costumes because girls like to play dress up, (right?) but we'll dress up as people like Supreme Court Justices and scientists and CEOs. We'll play games that introduce the sorts of things you do in that career and learn about amazing real women — and not just their professional successes, but their families and struggles and loves, because girls like that stuff (right…?). Man, this is going to be a lot of work. I wonder if there’s a subscription service or something that will just send me a kit like this every other month…?

There wasn’t. So he quit his job to start one (and spend time with his growing family). He began working with several incredible experts on early childhood development, including some who focused specifically on educational play and gender differences in learning. Then his wife delivered their baby. (A girl!) Then things got hazy (and diaper-y) for a few months. Then the haze began to clear and their baby girl turned 6 months old (already?!?!) and he got very focused on launching Little Ms. Crate — the bi-monthly crate subscription that uses educational play to introduce young girls to all of the careers that await them and the inspiring female role models who are waiting to work with them. 


Headquarters:  Boston, MA, USA

Founder: Reid Craig III

Founded: December 2015


Upcoming Crates

  • Little Ms. CEO
  • Little Ms. Physicist
  • Little Ms. Judge
  • Little Ms. Programmer
  • Little Ms. Architect
  • Little Ms. Politician
  • Little Ms. Engineer
  • Little Ms. Aviator
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