Little Ms. Space Scientist

Given that the Little Ms. Astronaut has always been our most popular mascot, a space-themed crate was only a matter of time. When the 10-year-long New Horizons mission that launched a probe to Pluto was recently granted a mission extension to continue on to the furthest reaches of our solar system, it seemed the perfect time.

We'd been in love with the New Horizons mission for lots of reasons, but the most notable is huge role that women have played in the mission. There are approximately 3 dozen women on the team — roughly 25% of the team. That's pretty in line with the overall proportion of women in STEM as a whole, but a huge leap forward for space missions. Even better, women filled almost all of the most critical technical and leadership roles on the team — trajectory designer, Mission Operations Manager (MOM), and team leads for the 6 major technical subteams. 

Contents of the Little Ms. Space Scientist crate:

  • New Horizons Mission Briefing packet, briefing your favorite girl as a member of the team, including:
    • Introduction to the mission
    • Mission timeline — plotting the probe's course over the last 10 years!
    • Official NASA map of the probe's trip through the solar system
    • Team Profile spotlighting of 6 of the women on the team — scientists, programmers, hardware engineers, mission designers and NASA's first woman MOM (Mission Operations Manager)
    • Diagram of the probe and the crucial scientific sensors it's carrying through the solar system
  • Personalizable Little Ms. Crate Space Agency security badge and lanyard to identify her as a member of the team
  • A toy headset, just like the ones the operations team wears
  • Space Station Card Game: A custom deck of cards that introduces all of the various modules on a space station, challenging you to lay them out to create as many different space station configurations as possible — you can even dock with your friends' decks
  • Space shuttle glider
  • Solar system stickers

Little Ms. 3D Animator

Little Ms. 3D Animator was our 2nd crate, overall, but the first crate offered as a regular subscription (since our first crate was only available as a Kickstarter reward). 

Before we even launched our Kickstarter campaign, we polled our earliest followers for their ideas. Animator was one of the crate themes suggested by our supporters. We loved it instantly because it's such a creative pursuit, which also happens to rely very heavily on an understanding of the physics of how things move and interact. There has also been a very heavy use of technology throughout the history of the artform. As we dug into it, we were thrilled to find out that women have been a major driving force in the field for over 100 years — leading the way not only in artistry, but also in technological innovation and leadership!


Contents of the Little Ms. 3D Animator crate:

  • Activity Guide, which explains the science behind how the mind perceives animation, introduces some of Disney's famous 12 Principles of Animation, and guides aspiring animators through activities to create their own animations of various forms.
  • Profiles of 3 inspiring women who have helped shape the technology, business, and application of Animation:
    • Lotte Reiniger — pioneer of silhouette animation around 1900. Inventor of the multi-plane camera
    • Jennifer Yuh Nelson — storyboard artist and director of movies such as Kung Fu Panda 2, which was the highest grossing movie ever directed solely by a woman, at the time
    • Dr. Janet Iwasa — cell biologist and animator whose animations of molecular interactions help researchers visualize biological processes and refine hypotheses
  • Thaumatropes are the earliest form of animation. Assemble your own pre-drawn samples to see how they work and then make your own!
  • Flipbook of a bouncing ball illustrates some of the fundamental Principles of Animation. Assemble your own to see how it works and then make your own!
  • Posable Paper Dolls introduce the basics of stop-motion animation.
  • Bendy Wire Figure and Modeling Clay allow you to try your hand at 3-dimensional animation.
  • Free Resources and Instructions for producing digital animations. Have access to a cellphone camera? You can easily produce your own animated movies!

Little Ms. CEO

Little Ms. CEO was our very first crate —  a special holiday reward for the earliest supporters of our Kickstarter campaign.


Contents of the Little Ms. CEO crate: 

  • The Little Ms. CEO Activity Guide, which contains information about the career, uses creative activities to help girls imagine themselves as a CEO, and takes them through the process of deciding what their company's product, branding, and management team would look like!
  • Profiles of 3 Inspiring Women CEOs:
    • Oprah Winfrey of Harpo
    • Indra Nooyi of Pepsi
    • Carolyn Rafaelian of Alex and Ani
  • Fold-up, Personalizable CEO Desk Nameplate so everyone knows who the CEO is.
  • Authentic CEO Business Cards  printed on real business card stock.
  • Interview Questionnaires to help them interview friends and family for a spot on their management team.
  • Organizational Chart, so they can keep track of their management team as they make hires.
  • "Dummy" Smartphone, so they can be reached on the go. These are the display models of real smartphones, so they look and feel authentic, helping girls immerse themselves in the role-play.
  • CEO Card Game — a custom card game that puts two CEOs in head-to-head competition to who can manage their resources most effectively to hire employees, acquire customers, manage crises and ultimately generate the most revenue.